About Rose Marie

Rose Marie SwansonBeauty, energy, and the support given by gemstones started Rose Marie Swanson on a journey over 20 years ago. Labardorite was her first love.

The intrinsic adornment of the wire – gold or silver – seemed to amplify all the spiritual qualities for her. She uses a wide variety of stones in her work.

Examples are Lapis from Chile, Rhodochrosite from Argentina, Obsidian from Mexico, Herkimer Diamond from New York, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and so many more.

Continuing her jewelry passion, Rose Marie studied at the Holland William School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia.

Rose Marie combines many years of experience, training, love of stones, and spiritual guidance to design exquisite, unique pieces. Each one is imbued with love from her as well as the divine beings who work with her and through her.

To learn more about Rose Marie Swanson please view her other web sites:
www.rosemarieswanson.com and www.akashicdarshan.com